Oh, for the love of coffee!

Bird, don’t you dare take my bucket of ambition!

Off to a great start, but anyway…

Buckets of Coffee

“finding peace amidst the chaos”

Welcome to my little corner of the world. Where passion meets lifestyle.

You might be in the right place if you’re looking for some entertainment, maybe something fun to read, or needing to find some peace in chaotic lines of art. Or, maybe you’re simply bored (because you’re working from home and stumbled onto this website instead of actually working…). Either way, however you ended up on this site, I’m glad you’re here.

Don’t mind the birds, they are highly mischievous but harmless. They are here to help guide you to where you want to go.

I told you Jimmy! You can’t stand on the side like that!”

“I don’t really have a plan. Just caffeine and weirdness my friend, caffeine and weirdness.”

Nanea Hoffman

Simple Solo Chatter

Drifting thoughts and random words strung together documenting the endless strain of solo conversation.

The Jittery Raven Designs

A Collection of Drawings

A Collection of drawings.
🤓I speak in quotes cuz its cheesy and fun
👩‍🎨 #zentangle #zentangleinspiredart

“Be crazy. Be silly. Be weird. Be whatever. Drink lots of coffee. Because life is too short to be anything but happy.”


Well, hey there! I’m Wendy. Sole owner, creator, and operator of Buckets of Coffee.

I am a self-taught artist based in the Okanagan, BC, Canada. I have a passion for curiosity, or rather, passionately curious, and love to create. I am brought to life when using fancy words, and abstract lines. Using mostly ink (pen) as my main medium for drawing, and a keyboard (or pen) for writing. This site is meant to inspire you, a new world to explore, words to read and art to analyze. Click the link to read more…

Thank – you

Without readers, watchers and followers, this would all be impossible. Thank you for stopping by!

I appreciate you!

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