Beat The Buzzer


Trail Running Race that re-starts every hour on the hour until the last runner is left standing! This event could last a couple of days! Sponsored fun challenges for each lap to keep you motivated!

It’s a roughly 6 km trail loop, that you have to finish within an hour. Cross the finish line before the “buzzer”. I signed up for under six hours. Six loops. 36 km. Within each lap, there is an extra challenge that you can complete for a potential prize. Run into the lake, grab a flag from the canoe. Do 20 push ups before heading out onto the course. Grab a handful of wildflowers and present your bouquet at the finish line.

I didn’t do any of them. I was more concerned about getting to the end within the hour so I could go again. I didn’t want to fail.

I did one marathon years ago, but since then, this is the farthest distance I’ve ran.

I did OK! Made it through all 6 hours, with time to spare after each lap to gulp down some liquids and sugar. Accept for the last lap, in which I barely made it in the allotted time. During the last two laps, it also stormed. Downpour rain, thunder, lightning, topped with very sore legs that didn’t want to move anymore.

My very last lap, the 6th hour, I had to force myself to actually run. I distracted myself by running in all the puddles, splashing, and chatting with a few people along the course just to keep moving. But, I made it!

So. Much. Fun. A little painful. I couldn’t stop shaking. From the adrenaline, the rain, and very sore muscles, I shook all the way home.

I have to thank my sister for driving, for helping me stuff calories into my mouth when I really didn’t want to, and pushing me to go every lap. Thanks for being an awesome crew!

Next year… I’m signing up for over 6 hours… let’s see how far I can really go.

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