City Life

My week has come to this.

As I stare down the silver can of red bull, waiting for the sugar, taurine, caffeine and vitamins to hit my system and give me promised wings, I sigh.

Life is not supposed to be this way. Days fueled by fake energy… caffeine and candy. 35 hours of work, and I’m only half way through thursday.

The clock ticks like a metrodome, steady and constant, but some days, it feels like it slows.

I don’t remember eating breakfast today, or even leaving the house. I know I had eggs, because the dirty pan is still on the stove. Then, half way to my destination, I realized I forgot my phone. I found it tucked into my bed and almost said “fuck it”, I wanted to lay down with it, and bury my woes.

How do you write about a janitor job and a borrowed car? It’s not like I’m a star, a borrowed car, a bottle in a jar. While everyone goes home and undresses, I head out and clean everyone’s messes.

Lifes current aspiration, be a damn good janitor, and drive the company car!

Today, in total, I cleaned 15 toilets. On bended knee, like bowing to a king on his throne, scrubbed until I was a drone. Removed the brown and yellow stains, and called it a day.

I wish I could hurry up time, need the dime, but feel like a mime. I want to fast forward to the end of this year. But doesn’t feel like I’m getting anywhere near.

While some people strive in all this chaos, I like to take it a little bit slower.

Island time, mountain time, the small parts of the universe that time, is just time. The places where you go, and simply sit and watch the trees flow, sit, and wait for the snow, go slow, take time to grow.

On shaky legs, I walk this land, creeping pretty close the edge. Working hard, but I guess I’m just searching for the right motivation. I know I’ll get there, but need to keep the daily dedication.

I think the wings are here, kinda feels like I’m flying. Ok, back to work, toilet number 16, no, I’m not lying.

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