Pre-race day. 1/2 marathon – Vancouver

Tomorrow’s the big run. The race I’ve been training for all year. The entire reason for this “vacation”, and most importantly, being in Vancouver. The half marathon, the Fall Classic, the last race of the season. #runvan!! Going for a sub 2! The fastest I’ve ran 21 Km is 2:12:12, on flat ground. Muscles ready, mind impatient for the journey, let’s go see what I can do!

There is a hockey game tonight, and our hotel is right beside BC Place Stadium. I am downtown Vancouver, on a bench, corner of W. Georgia Street and Cambie, watching hoards of people stroll by. The sea of them littered with blue and white jersey’s, designer clothes, and positive game faces.

There’s going to be sweet chaos tonight.

I sit here, seamlessly invisible, if not for the occasional sideways glance. I think for a long second, they wonder if I’m homeless. A lonely poet maybe, spending more time in wishes then reality.

I am cold, but for the one creative part of me that seems to strive in constant noise and movement, I’ll remain on the bench a little while longer. Though I should have grabbed a thicker jacket.

I can’t help but wonder if any of the guys passing by think I’m hot, even without the home Jersey. Smoke in one hand, pen in the other. Doubt shouldn’t reign, of course they (probably) do.

My vacation is going really well. A pleasant mix of being in thick forested pine, drinking wine under the stars in a totally secluded got tub, and extreme metropolitan living.

(Fairly moderate pause).

Ok… my shivering body won, so I trucked myself upstairs back to my suite. Jeez louise it’s busy out there. Sorta makes me wish to be back in all those giant forested trees.

We went out and ran part of the course today. A little movement to get the muscles loose, and to make sure we could successfully take a city bus from our hotel to the race start line. Went pretty well actually. We timed our bus route and made a plan as to what time to leave in the morning. It rained today, but it’s supposed to be nice and sunny tomorrow for the race. I cannot wait!!

G’night ya’ll, tonight I get a glorious 8 hours of sleep!

– Wendy

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