A week of 0 miles.

This week, I have not been running.

Not something a runner is actually fond of. I have been busy with move out cleans… the kind where it takes 13 hours scrubbing a two bedroom apartment because the tenants left it in a disarray. That’s been fun, but definitely takes a toll on the body. So, I’ve been resting when I get a second. Where running is concerned though, it’s been a self disappointing week. I have not been eating well, not stretching as often as I should be, and no work outs. My body feels weak and jiggly this week.

I’m sure it’s a sort of week we all have from time to time. Besides all the move out and scheduled cleans this week, I’ve been placing my energy into other things. Getting the website ready, getting all my paperwork, agenda’s, and charts up and running so the business can run smoothly. A lot of time in the house in front of the computer, I sort of feel like I missed summer this week. Necessary work, and time well spent designing as far as business is concerned, but I miss running.

Yet, even as I write this, I can’t muster up the energy for a run. Weird, because I always want to run.

I find running is the first thing in the schedule I dismiss when I’m busy. I kind of hate that. Since my Ultra got cancelled, my weekly mileage has decreased. I still want to run the distance this year, still want to be an “ultra runner”, so somehow, I’ve got to step it up. I’ve got to strap on the shoes and start running a lot more.

Starting next week though. It may be Friday, but I’ve still got about twelve hours of cleaning left for the rest of the week.

What do you do to stay motivated when you’re busy?


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