Chasing Dreams (poetry)


Looks like a ghost town in here.

Sorry for not keeping in touch.

Next year won’t be so silent.

Warning or a promise.

Not sure yet what.

This year, was simply about

Figuring it all out.


Strip myself of everything,

And find a direction.

A sorta

What the fuck

Am I doing with my life.

It’s almost the end of the year,

And I haven’t figured it out.

Just yet.

My mind is a mess,

And my writing is scattered.

But I think I may have found

A very small pattern.

I’m a little bit quiet,

And not really so bold.

Love books, music, and art,

But people.

Well, people.

Maybe not so much.

And words, words.

Words I like.

Just not out loud,


They don’t come out right.

But next year,

Next year is the year.

Where I’ll stand tall and strong,

And maybe,

Get rid of the bong.

Just kidding, that just rhymed.

I’m serious tho,

This is going to be it.

Full of sunshine and rainbows.

And unicorns.

Chasing dreams, and making wishes.

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