Month 1…

My right foot has suddenly decided it does not like socks, and constantly spits them off. Send a immediate attitude adjustment, this is not ok.

Training is going well, you know, only being the first month and all. Motivation is still high, but at this level, or phase of the training journey is relatively “easy”. I put that in quotes because of course it’s not “easy”, but it is “easier” then what’s coming.

For example, my morning runs are currently about 20 minutes. In a few short months, I’m going to have to up that to about an hour, which means likely getting up at five to fit it in before work.

Gear, despite my best effort, seems to be a bit of a problem, my right foot hating socks and all. Brought three good pair of running socks, and it only likes one pair. Unfortunately, to my right foot’s disappointment, my budget does not include buying more pairs, so that just means, extra laundry.

But, it does feel really good to be on my feet again. The aching muscles groaning from the work they did, and my stomach constantly yelling for more food. It’s hard to keep up sometimes, but it’s all part of the game.

So here’s to the next month, increasing the miles, stretching time and workouts.

I’m gunna run that 60 km run this year. Third times a charm, right??

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