Trail runner, epic times

I gotta say, this daily writing love letter (not a love letter), is quite fun. Snuggle into bed, grab my laptop and think up something to write about. However I think I should call it the almost everyday blog, because sometimes I don’t actually write for the blog. (Or I forget to post…) I write everyday, but I have so many different projects and avenues that I write for… Anyway, a bit of rambling to start things off today.

Hi! How are you?? I really hope you are doing great. I am doing pretty good (thanks for asking!).

I’ve got three known facts today: I do not drink enough water in a day (unless coffee can contribute to the count? It has water in it….), I hate how expensive food is! I want to eat all the food, and make all these fancy meals, cakes and cookies, and energy balls, but I can’t, at least not to the fullest extend anyway, and I just love running!

I know you’ve been wondering about the running, seeing as that’s usually all I can talk about. It’s going well – ish. Now. The last year had been a tad sketchy for running. (Too many blunts by the beach.) I’m just gunna go ahead and call it a rest year.

But I’m back to training. And this year, it’s include trips to the gym (I’m a gym rat now), rockclimbing, kickboxing, swimming, all on top of running, though usually not all in the same week. I am back home, no longer living in a small town by the ocean, but in a city surrounded by trails. I do miss the sandy beaches, but I love it here.

Mostly the trails, I love the trails. Weekends are my favourite. Saturday or Sunday is usually spent on the trails. All day hours, running through desert sand sweet sage, the heat blasting my back. No set miles, just go explore. Bear warnings, wild cows, a deer every single time, and sticks that look like snakes. Sometimes it is a snake. I splurged on a new running pack. Nothing I could actually afford, but new season, new gear (less chafing!). I’m not sure what I’m training for exactly yet, but I’ll keep you updated.

Sorry for the shortish post today, like I said, gym rat. Alarm set for 5am. (Gym at 6, but gotta stumble to the kitchen to make coffee first!) Chow friends!

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