So did anyone else gain like 10 lbs over the thanksgiving weekend?

Agh. I’m not sure just how many actual servings I had, plus a couple of pieces of pie. Hello #noselfcontrol. But #totallyworthit. To top it all off, when I got home, I got sick. Not covid sick (GRATEFUL!), but my face wouldn’t stop leaking. I was excited for a couple of extra free days at home. So many more free hours of drawing time.

Wow, was I mistaken. Two days (so far), basically a zombie, curled up in three blankets, zoned out to yet another episode of vampires and their dairies (or Grey’s very complicated and dramatic Anatomy). Unable to form any coherence at all. What a wuse. Forgoing the afternoon coffee (GASP!) for home made ginger, garlic, lemon, honey, mint tea. Lucky I’m even writing this, worse yet, if you’re reading this, actually posting it. I’m still highly under the influence of the cold, so I promise nothing, but I heard a lot of you are currently sick. So just wanted to give a shout out. You got this, and make sure and have a hot toddy before bed tonight.

As it is the season to be highly grateful, the very full belly for one, I wanted to share a few of my gratitude’s with you.

I am grateful for the sun and moon, and the cycle of emotions that come along with it. I have a warm bed to lay my head, four blankets, plus some, to curl up in. A kitchen to cook and cupboards of food to keep me fed. A car that drives, shoes to run in, some fancy bras to wear. And somehow I afford it all. And well, the job, even if a little mundane, to make sure I pay for it all. This life, is weird. Bonkers, really. But I am grateful for the challenge. To be provided a soul, to see what I can do. I am grateful for my ma and pa, and my family, even through all the hardships. I am grateful for this breath, and the next, and every other single one I get. For the friends I meet, for all those lovely souls that crossed their paths with mine.

I am grateful for you. Whoever you are. Thank – you, from the bottom of this soul.

Thank you for sharing this moment with mine.

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