Welcome to Buckets of Coffee

Happy December!!

One more month in this year. And what a year it’s been. I don’t know if I’d call it great. I’m sort of stuck. I’ve been stuck for a long time. Choices made have led down dead end roads, trusting the wrong people, and I have still not managed to get out of this little protective bubble I put myself in. But I’m working on it. Still on the never ending pursuit of finding put just who I am. Outside work is minimal, so I have lots of days at home. Most of the time, I don’t know what to do with myself.

But the advantage to having more home time, is exactly that, more time. Time to draw, time to read and write. Timw to spend time with my mind. Time to stare glassy eyed, be a noodle on the couch with chips and coffee and binge watch season 17 and 18 of Grey’s Anatomy. (I really need to start running again! #hellobelly)

So I have some time to do a little tweaking. On the website I mean, not ‘tweaking’. I want to spend more time writing, kinda just curious to see where it goes, plus I am terrible at speaking outloud, to people. Actual conversations kind of scare me. (and if he’s hot? Forget it. Fumbling lips over here. Nothing coherant comes out.) So I thought I would just kind of write to you. Like a love letter. Just being my regular, cool, chatty, confident, a little swaggy, a little gypsy self over here. #happyreading.

My point is, there are going to be some changes around here in the next couple of weeks. And I’m going to tell you all about them. Sorry you had to go through the long winded version. Not all these changes will happen right away, but over the next couple of weeks. So keep checking back…. in the meantime…

Welcome, to Buckets of Coffee.

A page for poetry, art, and chatter. “Do more of what you love” comes up often. So I am trying. This stuff sets my soul on fire. I hope it does something for you.

Buckets of Coffee.

Raw Words. It’s just me. An old soul just fumbling a way through life, one word at a time. Words to form a riddle, a poem, a song, whatever’s on my mind. I can only promise one thing, there will always be coffee on.

Mixed Media. I absolutley love those lost hours when I have a pen or pencil in my hand. Ferverishly placing ink on paper, and hopefully it looks cool. My main medium is ink, and I’m dabbling in charcoal, graphic and color pencils. My artist name, is @thejitteryraven.

Buckets of Coffee. It really goes without saying. #ilovecoffee! (I know, hard to tell.)

Also, this blog has a name! Coming soon anyway…

Simple Solo Chatter

An unfiltered, keeping it real blog with the idea to express the abundance of emotions through words and lines.

I have a passion for writing, for art. It helps keep my brain organized, my mind focused (well, more focused anyway), love playing with words and lines. So, I’ll adding some of my poetry I’ve written. There are blog posts, some travel stories, maybe articles. I’m going to let it kind of take it’s own path.

I honestly have no idea what I’ll be writing about. But predictability is boring, right? So, let’s embark upon a journey friends, let’s see what life has to offer. Here, there will be gentle musings, documented passions and raw material, however the words may flow. Or, maybe there is no theme. Maybe it’s just simple solo chatter.

Off to prep #morningcoffee! Cheers!

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