Not a morning person (poetry)

I’m sorry to anyone who has to deal with me in the mornings.

After two cups of coffee, I’m still sleepy eyed and tongue tied… even more then normal.

All you bushy eyed, wide smile, cheerful morning people say, “Friend! The sun is hope! A new chance, a slow quiet dance, put on your big girl pants, maybe today you’ll find romance!”

See, romance is the longing, but romance is rare. As common as a bear, wondering the streets of this city. It happens, but only on a dare.

Maybe someone who is desperate will wager a glance, but very few, will pick up the lance, get on the horse with all the heavy metal gear, wiggle the helmet tighter, be a warrior and roar. Lunging forward with all his soul and might, absorbing risk with action, valiant of a knight. But most, won’t risk the blow.

Just let me sit here, alone, and drink another cup of coffee.

So I’m sorry to anyone who has to deal with me in the mornings.

Usually the grump in me is the first to be awake. Bringing out the worst, like devil stares and solemn glares. Just wants to curl up and protest, the whole damn way. When logic appears, usually after two cups of coffee, hope seems a tiny bit restored. Maybe I will get my chance, maybe I will find romance.

I guess there is no way to know, unless I get out of bed, put clothes on instead, and maybe down another cup of coffee.

See, it’s in the mornings where my insecurities live. Doubt creeps in, and I think I’m not good enough, that maybe I’m not pretty enough, or probably too weird. I sometimes have to wait for logic to awake, so she can tell me how beautiful I really am. That weird is good, and standing out in a crowd, is usually the best bet anyway. After two cups of coffee, I can look in the mirror with confidence, and see how awesome I really am.

Cuz we’re all beautiful, in our own unique way, and I said that weird thing because I didn’t know what else to say. It’s time to embrace each breath, each moment, take that chance, and give it all you’ve got.

So if you catch me in the morning, before two cups of coffee, I’m sorry, you’ll probably see the grumpy side of me. Just hand me some coffee, sit and wait, and it’ll all be OK.


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