Simple Solo Chatter

Shhhh… bird needs all the help he can get!

“raw words, mixed media and buckets of coffee”

A kingdom of words, a realm that comes alive with drifting thoughts and random words strung together, documenting the endless strain of solo conversation.

Sometimes it’s poetry, or a clever mix of words. Maybe a journal entry for relate-ability. Other times it could be art, or some doodles, I’ll just leave it open for every possibility.

Enter at your own risk. A no judgement zone powered by words that may evoke emotions, and personal opinions.


is not always for the faint of heart.

For some, these expressions can be kind of tart.

Remember, it’s only a fraction of a second in a mind full of traction.

Don’t waste your time if you can’t read between the lines or handle the rhymes.

This expression is truly, mine.

So turn your head, maybe just go to bed.

I know you can’t handle this whole loaf of bread.

Criticize, demonize, it really doesn’t matter.

I know your soul can’t handle being so tenderized.

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