But first…coffee!

The bird’s got it right, if you ever hand me a cup of coffee, good luck getting rid of me. I’ll be your best friend forever.

“of course size matters… no one wants a small cup of coffee” Unknown

Hi there, welcome to Buckets of Coffee.

It’s a kingdom full of passion and creativity. A place to play with the make belief and possibility, a place to inspire. There are many elements to this site….. click the link to get to where you wanna go….

My Mission

I have been spending months trying to piece this together. Trying to come up with fancy words to impress the masses. But, I’m going to deviate from the professional coarse, and just say this.

My mission is to get you to smile.

Laughing, well, that’s a bonus. The world needs more love. More peace. Less chaos. More hugging, definitely more kissing. Ok, well, I can’t possibly kiss you all, but I can draw you something. Calm my inner demons, and hopefully inspire you, somewhere along the way.


Buckets of Coffee.

  • To start the day, requires coffee.
  • One of my favorite things (bet you couldn’t tell).


Drifting thoughts and random words.

  • Playing with make belief and possibilities.
  • Simply an endless strain of solo conversation.


A collection of drawings.

  • My favorite hours are spent with a pen in my hand.
  • Rough mixed media, though mostly pen and pencil drawings.


One day goal – run 60km in one go.

  • 2022 – will be my 3rd attempt to run an ultramarathon, 60km’s.
  • Basically, I run for fun, get lost in the hours on my feet and sometimes write about the thoughts and adventures.
  • Strictly personal perception, and in no means a manual for anyone else.


You know, the face, the character behind the scenes.

  • I’m pretty awkward in public…
  • I always want ice cream cake for my birthday.
  • My dream house is an off grid #tinyhouse, probably made from a shipping container, a bus or carved into the side of a mountain or something.
  • In 2016 I was technically homeless. Everything I owned fit in my backpack, and spent the year roaming around Canada, hiking trails, and living in a car.
  • I once owned a pest control business, and made money killing bedbugs and cockroaches.
  • I am a jeans and t-shirt, don’t own any makeup, really hate combing my hair, low maintenance, easy to please kind of girl. Nothing fancy to see here.
  • I am not a very good morning person. Just don’t take the mood personally, hand me some coffee and wait. It might take an entire bucket, but we’ll be alright.

A note from the author, the artist

The sound of your laughter is the next best thing to coffee brewing.

The world had gone a little crazy, hasn’t it? It’s been a little lonely and a great challenge, as an understatement, for most. So many lives turned upside down by one element of surprise or another. Some days might seem like there’s not too much to laugh about.

I’m going to be honest here and say that I have been hesitant to publish all of this, it’s pretty rough around the edges, and I’m still figuring it all out. But then I think of so many of you out there who constantly inspire me, through your words, your art or simple expression. Observing such passion and risking boldness to display a true piece of your soul despite the challenges you face. If you can inspire me, maybe I can inspire you. Or maybe, at the very least, coax a giggle or provide a short escape amongst the chaos that is our reality.

Thank you for being here.

Let’s connect!

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