You have to remember that I took creative liberties. I amped it up a little to find the words. Got lost in the thought, and wrote about it.

Just a friendly reminder:

Is not always for the faint of heart.
For some,
These expressions can be kind of tart.
It’s only a fraction of a second,
In a mind full of traction.

Don’t waste your time
If you can’t read between the lines,
Or handle the rhymes,
This expression is truly


So turn your head maybe, just go to bed.
I know you can’t handle this whole loaf of bread.

Critizice, demonize, it really doesn’t matter, I know your soul can’t handle being so

…With that, I’d like to personally welcome you to raw words, mixed media, and “Buckets of Coffee”. Where the theme, is my life.

This, is simply me.

An old soul, that’s endured a lot in life, stumbling through the world, one word at a time.

Here, will be gentle musings, documented passions, and raw material, however the words may flow.

Or, maybe there is no theme, it’s just simple solo chatter.

Let’s embark upon a journey friends, let’s see what life has to offer. Maybe I’ll post daily, or weekly, or even monthly. Maybe it’ll be words in form of a riddle, a poem, or a song. Maybe it’ll be drawings, or photos. I can only promise one thing.

There will always be coffee on.

Really nice to have you here, thank you so much for reading! I hope some of it made you smile. 🙂

– Deej