The Jittery Raven Designs

Finding Peace Amidst the Chaos

Bird, don’t you mess up my drawings!

A Collection of Drawings

A collection of drawings, or mostly, mixed media madness

I remember doodling most of my life. Margins of notebooks filled with abstract faces and cartoons, just something I did to keep my hands busy and mind occupied. I lost touch with it for a while, lost that little creative piece of me. But then the famous Covid flamed the world, and for a moment, everything stopped. Suddenly daily routines were shaken, and schedules erased. I had days alone at home with no where to go, no one to see, and nothing to do. Having that space and time reignited this passion. Now, I spend hours sitting at my desk, drawing, creating.

Please note: a full gallery and purchase options will be available soon! In the meantime, please peruse through the social media sites for love, for inspiration.

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