I tried NOT to burn my skin my first day here!

It didn’t work……

My first day here was amazing. I was a little jet legged this morning, but I remedied that with ocean water and sun! Too much sun……

Plus amazing company. This is my first real hostel experience, and wow. Why have I not been doing this Years ago? One of the guys that worked here is leaving, so tonight the hostel put up a fairwell supper. You could put in $5.00 and eat salad, rice, and curried fish. I split a bottle of wine with another girl staying here that cost only $5.00 total! I met some amazing new people, travellers, a couple of girls talking about coming to Canada to hike! Maybe I’ll have some company when I hike the Trans Canada Trail again! I am blown away, it’s all so amazing.

< My Hawaii Hostel > The staff here are super friendly, very easy to get along with. Coffee is available all day long, and we even had popcorn to munch on today. You crawl into the bed and just melt into the mattress. A/C going so at night it’s just cool enough. Towels are provided, wifi works great everywhere, everything is clean, and the showers have enough space to do jumping jacks in. It’s truly amazing… If the rest of the island didn’t promise amazing views, I would just hang out here the whole time!

Tomorrow morning I am getting up early to go paddling, watch the sunrise over the ocean, and possibly swim with the dolphins. Does it get any better!? I guess I’ll find out.

I am sleeping in a room with 7 other girls, and before bed, every one of them has a different experience to share from the island. From hikes to the Volcanoes, I can’t wait to experience it all!

So far I have been successful keeping the budget cheap. In total, today I have spent $11.50. Thats it. I bought a fresh papaya from the market today for lunch to go with my noodles I had brought along, and snacked on other food I brought, including some Easter chocolate.   (thanks Ma!)

I have no idea what tomorrow will bring, as I have nothing planned so far! All I know is adventure awaits!

Gnight all!