Race Day! Vancouver

The day is over, its once again dark outside. And boy, what a day.

Today’s stats:

Total time: 2:01:37 > a Personal Record! Overall: 739/1277 Female: 239/565

Woo hoo guys! I am ecstatic, exuberant, exhausted. What a race today. I never lost focus, never faltered. Even floating on the thrill of the post race adrenaline rush, I’m having difficulty finding the right words. I kicked ass today. The race was, well, not sure if I can find the words. Invigorating, rejuvenating, inspiring, life changing.

I’m sitting in the same spot as last night, corner of W. Georgia Street and Cambie, watching more people shuffle by. With Halloween 5 days away, last nights blue and white jerseys are swapped for jokers, space men, sailors, a school girl, a puking orange clad prisoner though clearly ready to continue partying, a couple of devils, and a dog dressed as a hot dog. Clever.

As I sit here and write this, 20 hours later, every muscle in my body is singing, it even feels like my bones ache. But all I can think is, “I feel amazing! I feel strong!”. I am continually astounded at what the body can do. The goal was a sub 2 aka (for all you non runners), run 21km’s in 2 hours. I almost did it. If not for all those darn hills, I would have done it. But I am so incredibly proud of what I did.

I’ve never disclosed this, but I was still sick this entire week. My throat hurt, my ears pounded. On Wednesday I was spending time hoping there was no infection. Thursday came, and we moved ourselves from Tofino to Vancouver… the wind on the ferry over was painful. I was going to run no matter what, but wow that would suck if I have to do it this sick. By Friday, there was so much adrenaline, topped with tons of Vitamin C, I didn’t have time to think even ponder it. It was race prepping day. Time to get my head in the game. By Saturday, the thumping in my ears had stopped, but my throat still hurt, I packed a couple of Ricolla drops. But through the race, I felt nothing but the souls of my feet feeling the cushion of my shoe as each foot hit the pavement. It all caught up with as soon as I crossed the finish line though, took me a bit to get past the throat pain before my legs started screaming.

What a rush.

– Wendy

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